Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bean Counter Chowder

Bean Counter Chowder

Chopped Onion
2 Garlic Cloves (I used minced)
1 Tbsp oil

14 oz Stewed or chopped Tomatoes
(I used Petite Diced)
2 -14 oz cans chicken broth
1 3/4 cups water
1/2 tsp each:
Celery Flakes
1/4 tsp Pepper

3 cans Great Northern Beans or Pinto Beans
(I always use whatever I have on hand--kidney is fine)

1 cup uncooked Elbow Macaroni
1 Tbsp Parsley

You can either make this on the stove or in the crockpot.
I put it all together except the noodles, in the crockpot, 
then, about 1/2 hour before eating, add the noodles.
This is the original recipe, but I am not exact on the beans or broth when I make it!

It's a great, easy, Friday crockpot meal!


Jennifer said...

Looks delicious! And perfect for the cooler weather!

Annmarie Pipa said...


♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Easy and looking yummy. Gonna try it for sue :)

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